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Joanne Kyger
Poetry Reading in Willits, California
Full Moon
August 19, 2005

Joanne Kyger in Willits

Audience left to right:
Barry Vogel, attorney; Bill Bruneau, Poet; Greg and Donna Schindel,
recording artists and friends of Kyger and Guravich;
Next row: unknown; Melinda Clarke, dancer and feminist activist;
Front row: Dan Roberts, radio producer and poet (;
Liz Helenchild, radio hostess and poet

Carlin and Jed Diamond (; Louis Rohlichek, professor and stone mason;
Janice Gendreau, urban traffic designer and activist

Guest Joanne Kyger being interviewed

Guest Joanne Kyger being interviewed

William Ray, producer and interviewer

Receiving applause

Receiving applause

Joanne meeting David Vilner, Buddhist (both aged 70)

Joanne Kyger's partner, Donald Guravich
speaking to friends Greg and Donna Schindel, all friends of Keith Lampe
(Ponderosa Pine) who was mentioned in one of Joanne's poems.
Pine was in WIllits in February 1986 with Gary Snyder.

All photos by Jerri-Jo Idarius
used by permission

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