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A'Dair's and Ray's "Shakespeare Identified":
Michael A'Dair and I gave a series of lectures in April 2006 to our Willits, California neighbors, identifying "Shakespeare" as Edward De Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, who employed the businessman-impresario Gulielmus Shakspere to deflect official attention from the politically subversive and socially declasse activity of a 16th century aristocrat presenting plays for the masses. The ensuing illustrated booklet contains much that is in "Shakespeare Papers" on's website plus a sampling of theatrical-play by play proofs inextricably connecting De Vere to the Shakespearean canon. Our fifty-page bound booklet serves as a substantial introduction to the topic.

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A DVD set of the "Shakespeare Identified" lectures (about three hours) is available from the videographer, Andy Wright ( It has been shown on community television and to students. College professors said to me that it presents the topic in clear and stimulating terms. Cost: $20 plus $3 shipping.

De Vere Bibliography
Suggested Books, DVD's, Journals and Newsletters supporting the hypothesis that Edward De Vere is the author of the works of "William Shakespeare."
9 page bibliography with comments by WJ Ray and Michael A'Dair.

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