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Does the body mind the spirit?

Aren't empty vessels full?

Do we beg in before we begin?

Are we vita-miners?

Why call nakeds snaked?

Is a jaybird naked?

Is Art a fece?

Is flattery horizontal?

Is imitation limitation?

Are the stars staring?

Do tresses wait?

Can we ever go home from the political arena?

What is the color of inviolate?

Does the loss leader lead loss followers?

Will we be reborn in car nations?

Do makers of wheels prefer us rootless?

Why be debtor if you're bettor?

Do tics sound like pedants?

Are oxies morons?

Are the millions dying from hypertension or high pretension?

Can Mass Man be religious?

Were the Twelve Jesus's core postles?

Orange Julius:

Was the Caesar really the Squeezer?

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Daniel Marlin, The Torah
Daniel Marlin, The Torah

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