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Photo of ceramic plate art courtesy of Sara Romi Mann, Studio (707) 459-3034.


"It Is Not Seemly To Be Famous" is my interpretation of rhymed English translations of Pasternak's poem by both George Reavy and Lydia Pasternak. See Boris Pasternak, Poems, p. 255, compiled by Evgeny Pasternak, Raduga Pub., Moscow.

Photo of road by Leonid Andreyev from Leonid Andreyev: Photographs By A Russian Writer, Richard Davies, Thames and Hudson, London, 1989. Used by kind permission of Andreyev's heirs.


Feast Day by Chagall from Chagall, Ingo Walther and Rainer Metzger, Taschen, 1987.

Lover's Face by Chagall, ibid.

Questions &

The Torah (Synagogue Interior), Madonna as the Guajji, and Blue Night Manzinales courtesy of Daniel Marlin.

Recruiter photo from Americans, Robert Frank, Scalo Pub., Zurich, 1997.

Photo of portrait by Francis Bruguiere from Camera Work by Alfred Stieglitz, Dover, NY, 1978.

Horse sculpture and photo courtesy of Anton Lignell, Art of Carnival Horse Carving, Many Horses Press, 1983.

Parker and Gillespie photo from Jazz by Geoffrey C. Ward. Knopf Pub., NY, 2000.

Swing cartoon by James Thurber, Alarms and Diversions, Harper & Row, NY, 1929.

Honus Wagner, George Herman Ruth 1918, Joseph Jackson, Joe Martina, & Walter Johnson and Lou Gehrig photos by Charles M. Conlon from Baseball's Golden Age by Neal McCabe and Constance McCabe, Harry N. Abrams, NY, 1997.

Walter Johnson photo by gracious courtesy of Baseball Hall of Fame, Cooperstown, NY.

Haiku &

Bay Field (Neponsit NY) courtesy of Daniel Marlin.

Leaf photo by Helen Buttfield from Of This World, Dial Press, NY, 1968.

Winter Trees photo by Jane English in Tao Te Ching by Gia-Fu Feng and Jane English, translators, Vintage Books, NY, 1972.

Spring hillside photo by Roloff Beny in Odyssey, Harper & Row, NY, 1981.

Beeches by Vincent Van Gogh from I Am A Stranger On The Earth, Arnold Dobrin, Frederick Warne, NY, 1975.

Theban Girl photo from The Gods of Greece,  Arianna Stassinopoulos and Roloff Beny, Harry N. Abrams, NY, 1983


Profile of Mercedes de Cordoba by Eduard Steichen in Camera Work by Alfred Stieglitz, op. cit.

Woodland lovers painting from Song Of Solomon by Zeev Raben, Shulammite Pub., Jerusalem.

Girl With A Pearl Ear Ring by Vermeer in Vermeer, Benedikt Taschen, Koln, Germany, 1994.

Foggy mountain photo by Helen Buttfield, op cit.

Doorway photo, ibid.

Green Wheat Fields With Cypress by Vincent Van Gogh in Van Gogh, op cit.

Pieter de Hooch, Interior With a Woman Peeling Apples, 1663 from The Story of Art, E.H. Gombrich, Phaidon Publications, Inc., Oxford University Press, NY, 1951

Rubens, Head of a Child, c. 1615 from The Story of Art, ibid.

Scareb stencil from Ancient Egyptian Cut and Use Stencils by Theodore Menten, Dover, NY, 1976.

Mayan Temple photo courtesy of  Carol Ferber Pryor.

Turtle photo by George Balazs in Fire in the Turtle House, Osha Gray Davidson, Public Affairs Press, NY.

Horus photo by Roloff Beny in Thrones of Earth and Heaven, Harry N. Abrams, NY, 1958.

The Journey:

Moonlit Road photo by Helen Buttfield, op. cit.

Sleeping Child by Rembrandt in Drawings of Rembrandt, v.2, Dover Pub., 1965.

Couple cartoon by James Thurber in Is Sex Necessary? Harper & Row, NY, 1929.

Tilden Park watercolor courtesy of Daniel Marlin.

Halfway Angel ink drawing courtesy of Daniel Marlin.

Author photo courtesy of Amy Melious, 1994,

Nightfires (Peasant Burning Weeds) by Vincent Van Gogh in Van Gogh, op cit.

Lovers in fog photo by Roloff Beny in Japan In Color, Thames and Hudson, London, 1967.

Photo of Murchison Falls by Eliot Porter, The African Experience, E.P. Dutton and Company, Inc., NY, 1972.

Photo of author at forty courtesy of William and Judith Ray.

Photo of cobbled road by Jan Lukas, Light and Shade, Melantrich, Lincolns-Prager, Ltd., London, 1947.

Moonlit Ocean, photo by Gordon Parks in Glimpses Toward Infinity, Bulfinch Press, Little, Brown and Company, NY, 1996.

Building the Gate photo courtesy of William and Judith Ray.

Apsaras Cambodia photo by Roloff Beny in Pleasure of Ruins, Thames and Hudson, London, 1966.

Summerfield (Wheatfields With Stacks) by Vincent Van Gogh in Van Gogh, op cit.

Rembrandt Self-Portrait as St. Paul from Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Great Museums of the World series, Newsweek Inc., Milan Italy, 1979, p. 76-7.

Torah photo courtesy of  Zohar Zaied.

Sport of Kings:

Photo of geese by Helene Hoppenot, Chine, Albert Skira, Paris, 1946.

Seamstress Angel painting courtesy of Daniel Marlin.

Red Street painting courtesy of Daniel Marlin.

Condoleezza Rice and George Bush, copied from Forward, Forward Assn. Inc., 2005

Street Glow Manhattan painting courtesy of Daniel Marlin.


Photo of aurora by Torbjörn Löugren, Harald Falek-Ytter, Aurora, Floris Books, Anthroposophical Press, Spring Valley, NY, 1983.

Sunlit foot photo by Jane English, op. cit.

Ramparts passage photo by Roloff Beny in A Time Of Gods,
Viking Press, 1962.

Wild Cat Peak With Fog watercolor courtesy of Daniel Marlin.

Matterhorn photo by Peak Pub., PO Box 8022, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546.

Photos of author courtesy of William and Judith Ray

The Lovers 1916 by Chagall in Chagall, op. cit.

lthaca photo, frontispiece, in Odyssey, op-cit.

Crags photo by Jane English, op. cit.

Hand photo by Roloff Beny, The Pleasure of Ruins, op. cit.

Ruins of Palmyra Syria photo by Roloff Beny, Thrones of Earth and Heaven, op.cit.

Towers (A View of Haarlem Seen From Overveen) in Rembrandt Drawings, v. 1, op cit.


Photo of statue, Helene Hoppenot, Chine, Albert Skira, Paris, 1946.

Mother and Child by Henry Moore, in Mother and Child: The Art of Henry Moore, Hofstra Museum, U. of Hofstra, Hempstead NY, 1987, used by kind permission of The Henry Moore Foundation. Not to be reproduced or altered without prior consent from The Henry Moore Foundation.

Mary Dumas 1970 photo courtesy of William and Judith Ray.

Haystack painting by Vincent Van Gogh in Van Gogh, op. cit.

"May You Shine" from 'Wire Walker', Joe Locke Trio, Steeple Chase Music. KODA, 1992, used by kind permission.

Katie Selover and Sophia Pisciotta photo courtesy of Larry Melious,

Doves photo by Jane English, op. cit.

Photo of Rose Cecelia Ray courtesy of William and Judith Ray

Photos of Machu Picchu and Intihuatani courtesy of James Q. Jacobs,

What is Poetry?:

Poet With Birds 1911 by Chagall in Chagall, op. cit. Used by permission of Minneapolis Institute of Art, copyright The Putnam Dana McMillan Fund, by arrangement with Artists Rights Society, NY.

The Youthful Poet Sleeping on Bank by William Blake,
in William Blake, William Vaughn, St. Martin's Press, NY, 1977.

Thoughts and Biographical:

Freeway article reprinted by kind permission of Ridge Review,

Half-figure Mother and Child, 1983 by Henry Moore, in Mother and Child: The Art of Henry Moore, used by kind permission of The Henry Moore Foundation. Not to be reproduced or altered without prior consent from The Henry Moore Foundation.

Circus With Red Horse by Chagall in Chagall, op cit.

Chagall and Bella photo by Lipnitzki, Viollet, Paris.

Comet Hyakutake 1996 photo copyright by Vic Winter.

Locke and Ray photo 1953, courtesy of Mary Rose Locke.

Author photo 1994 courtesy of Amy Melious,

All photographs and quotations from works of Ruth Loyd Miller in "Shakespeare Papers" used by gracious permission of the Miller family.

The Sonnets Epigraph and Cardano Grille articles by kind permission of D.L. Roper

Use of Vladimir Nabokov poem by kind permission of Dmitri Nabokov and the Nabokov Estate © 1979; reprinted in Ever Reader (No. 9, September / Fall 1999)


In crediting sources and references, I have made an effort to contact all the publishers mentioned here. The few who responded are gratefully acknowledged. Much of the graphic work included comes from my friends and I thank them from the heart.

Creating this electronic selection of my work has been very much a cooperative effort. Monty Levenson and Eva Strauss Rosen endeavored to provide me with the materials and the encouragement to proceed. Shelley Dorbin assisted greatly to organize the files for website use, and he taught me to manage the materials. Sarah Hamman prepared the files for Internet use and got them on line. Jerri-Jo Idarius collaborated with me to construct the present website. I consider all a guild that made it possible. Art deals with using the materials at hand to make something. In this sense, Jerri-Jo of played an equal role in making the visible form shown here. I am humbly grateful that these friends considered the project worthwhile.

This passage cannot be completed without acknowledging those who believed in me. These are my wife Judith whose presence pervades these pages; friends Daniel Marlin, Anton Lignell, David Kiebert, Sanford Dorbin and Michael A'Dair; and the elders — Rose Cecelia Ray, Frederick and Mary Rose Locke, and Rabbi Norman F. Feldheym — who sacrificed for my sake. May they approve this gesture.


To indicate the cultural life underlying our cooperative effort, I should like to give sketches of those who contributed.

Monty Levenson is one of the world's leading shakuhachi craftsmen.

Eva Strauss Rosen is a jeweler of Judaica and her art has been shown nationally.

Shelley Dorbin taught himself website construction as a child and has assisted businesses in Willits.

Sarah Hamman is an experienced reference librarian and was the primary website expert for Mendocino County Library.

Jerri-Jo Idarius has studied calligraphy with Lloyd Reynolds. She is a graphic artist and healing arts practitioner.

Larry Melious has been a restorative, commercial and art photographer since 1985 and his work has been shown widely in Northern California.

Amy Melious produces portraits, nature photography, and hand done photos that recall the subtlety of Matisse and Manet.

Sara Romi Mann creates Judaica ceramics which combine authentic mystical vision and Byzantine geometical precision. Her work has been widely featured in shows and magazines. Studio (707) 459-3034

Daniel Marlin is a recognized writer and painter in the United States and Japan. He has dedicated himself to peace throughout his life. His art and thought are sampled by Googling dorumen.

Anton Lignell is considered the pre-eminent rocking horse carver in the world. He recently produced a children's story, Last Lizard and the Language of the Great Pyramid, which philosophically and mathematically unlocks the meaning of the Egyptian pyramids. He is at work on the complete mathematical proof which illustrates a geometric harmony among earth, moon and sun.

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